The “Prismatron light” - how is the replacement of the image done?

In connection to the incoming requests on response to our publication dated May 27 – the "Prismatron light" is the technology reducing advertising agencies spending "on how to actually carry out the replacement of the image at these facilities. According to the extract from the “Prismatron Light” construction’s passport, "the advertising image on the "Prismatron Light" carried out by replacing advertising elements (AE) - strips with an image on the corresponding side of the prism. This prism itself remains in place. Special equipment is not needed for AE replacement, it is not necessary to remove and install the prism. It is enough to make AEs in transparent plastic rails up so that the bottom edge was above the stop, which is located on the lower flange of the prism.  Then make the lower edge for a special emphasis in the lower flange and besiege them way down. The lifts of clear plastic along the rails up at 5-7 mm and bring the lower edge of the stop AE’s located on the bottom flange of the prism are enough for the removal. Then pull them down, twisting it into a roll stamps out."