Types and configuration of the prisms

The “Prismatron” advertising constructions are produced with undivided, demountable (a prism with removable plates) prisms. Undivided prisms are not demountable triangular prisms.

Demountable prisms are triangular prisms consisting of the core part and three other plates.

Self-adhesive tape is used for printing images for both types of prisms.

Prisms on the photo (left to right):

  • a demountable prism
  • One-piece (undivided) prism


Also, the “Prismatron” produces advertising constructions with “Light” prisms that are prisms with plastic, clear on the edges of the guide, which is used for the establishment of cut strips with the advertising image.

image005.jpg image007.jpg

A thin plastic instead of the Self-adhesive tape is used as the image print material for the "Light" prisms.The recommended thickness of plastic is 250 - 300 microns.

Differences of the "Light" prisms from other types of prisms:

  • The image is inserted in the guide, not glued
  • The Image replacement process is carried out directly on the machine
  • A passenger car is suitable for a delivery of this type of construction
  • The image may be used several times