The “Prismatron” construction

The “Prismatron” is an advertising three-position construction with prism dynamic mechanisms.

The advertising space of the “Prismatron” construction is formed by a series of triangular prisms, which are turned through a preset time. Thus, three images can be placed on a single advertising slot. The fist “Prismatron” constructions were introduced in 1999.

The modern version of this construction named ”Prismatron-Z” has been produced from 2016.

The “Prismatron” constructionnumber # 0001

«Prismatron» is a standard of the dynamic installation

The most reliable drive unit

The bevel gear system is applied in the Z drive. This system has higher load capacity than the cam mechanisms or lantern mechanisms, thus a conical drivecan be recognized as the most reliable transmission.

More reliable than others

The transmission’s reliability depends on the size of its elements. Bigger elements are the more reliable for transmission. The “Prismatron” elements are the largest; therefore the “Z” mechanism is the most reliable.

No need for adjustments and drive settings

It is necessary to fix axial displacement of the conventional bevel gear on the shaft. Each gear must be re-installed and fixed to the shaft by clamps during every disassembly.

The device of the drive component’s positioning is used for the “Prismatron” and patented by the Group of Companies "Prismatron”. Thateliminatestheneedforadjustmentsanddrivesettings

Indestructible details

The new unique material “Zplast” that combined high abrasion resistance and the ability to carry a huge shock was developed for the production of drive components of “Prismatron”.

There are no engagement prisms!

During the whole rotation cycle and the exposure the mode of the prism is fixed by a plane (not several elements), which provides the best positioning of the prisms and negates the prism’s engagement.


Perfect appearance

Decorative covers, frames and prisms of the “Prismatron” are made from the high quality aluminum, which is adapted to corrosion resistance, and are strengthened by the special heat treatment that guarantees lack of corrosions and deformations.*

The profile of this construction is designed to meet not only the requirements of the City Administration, but also more picky Indoor.

*Subject to the exploitation and installation requirements of this construction that mentioned in the passport.


The unique connection of the Z-lock casings and frames reduces the cost of installation and increase the protection level from dust and moisture.

Z-lock is a great collaboration of frame’s geometries and shells connected by hinges with closers.


  • Casings do not need to be removed from the construction for maintenance work,
  • Easy tool pasts cab be put into the reclined casing
  • The three-meter length casing can be shut down and open at the same time
  • Closer fixes the housing latching on the beam reliably
  • The tight closure of frames and casings protects from dust and moisture, that fact reduces the worth action on the environment.


Control System Z

It provides a wide range of possibilities. The control system that placed at side flame of the construction has a simple and intuitive interface.

If necessary, the control system of the "Prismatron” can be equipped with a system GSM-control PLUS remote control, which allows remote the "Prismatron” control with a mobile phone:

  • The alarm of the construction’s stop due to a power outage.
  • The alarm about more than 2 minutes of stopping
  • Remote resetting of the construction
  • Remote stop of the construction
  • “Listening” of the construction

The "reverse" option provides the ability to demonstrate the 2 images at the "Prismatron».