About the group of companies

Group of companies “Prismatron”, which was founded in 1998, is the unique Russian manufacturer of dynamic advertising media constructions for outdoor advertising.

The “Prismatron” constructions are our specialty, profession, and life!

Nowadays, The Group of companies “Prismatron” includes a huge number of installations operating in more than 235 cities and in 9 countries around the World. Our company gained a number of the gold medals and awards on the international exhibitions.

Due to its high quality, reliability and a significantly lower cost, compared to foreign analogs, The “Prismatron” constructions replace import substitution not only in Russia, but also abroad. The “Prismatron” is a reliability, simplicity and convenience of its applying. These constructions are adapted to the operation in different climatic conditions. Also, the company provides a wide range of additional options and accessories.

History of the Company:

image0011.jpgThe first the “Prismatron” construction was launched by the factory, which was part of the aerospace structure at 9 September 1999.

By the end of 1999 the “Prismatron” company worked on the streets of the first five Russian cities - Ufa, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo and Kostroma.

Sales of the “Prismatron” construction on the foreign market have been begun from the May 2000 by exporting of 30 constructions to Kazakhstan. Later on, sales were initiated in Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania and Belarus

image0031.pngThe Owner of the trademark “Prismatron” became a member of the International Sign Association (ISA) in October 2002. In addition, the constructions with the new gear “Super Navigator” which is not requiring additional settings and adjustments (operates on the Hexor system) were launched into production plants in October 2002.

image0061.pngIn September 2003 new mobile advertising constructions named “prismamobil” were prodused. The “prismamobil” is a truck, equipped with two advertising units of the "Prismatron” constructions mounted on the metal carrier with a unique damping system, which became the prototype of transport amortization satellites system.

image0071.jpg Диплом Книги Рекордов России.jpg

The greatest length of the three-way dynamic advertising construction «Prismatron» was assembled in Moscow in November 2004.

image0111.png According to the advertising media quality competition named "100 best goods of Russia”, in November 2004 the "Prismatron” construction was recognized as the best in Russia.

image0141.jpg The test version of new product lines: eN.T (a line of interior advertising media) and eX.T (a line of advertising media for outdoor advertising) was presented in October 2006. These new lines implemented the latest engineering developments of the Group of experts, innovative technologies in the field of kinematics and new design solutions.


New record was registered on the greatest length of the three-way dynamic advertising construction in September 2011. The length of the «Prismatron» constriction in Ukhta was 50 meters.

Company celebrated its anniversary of 15 years in September 2014.


The new “Prismatron-Z” construction’s output included huge production experience of dynamic advertising settings was in October 2016.


The constant close contact with our partners allows us to quickly track the trends and perspectives of the outdoor advertising market development in Russia and abroad. That helps us to provide new the most modern and innovative solutions of outdoor advertising for our customers and to meet the highest standards and requirements.