Prismatron: The biggest outside Moscow dynamic installation erected in Omsk!

The biggest in Russia outside Moscow "Prismatron" construction was assembled by the group of companies “Prismatron” in their homeland – in Omsk.
Installation was placed on the facade of the building that located on the main thoroughfare of the city and had dimensions - 9 meters in height and 12 - in length.
Interestingly, the media was put into operation on the day before the anniversary of the "Prismatron” company. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary on 9th September 2009.
Vladimir Plotkin, CEO of GC "Prismatron": "We are pleased that this project marked our 10th anniversary. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in this project, to all those who participated in production of all our constructions. Thanks to these people, now Russia grows by high technology from Siberia. "