Prismatron: tested by tornado.

The Advertising “Prismatron” constructions honorably withstood the test of a tornado: none of them broke down during severe tornado.
As a result of the strong tornado that hit the Blagoveshchensk on the last day of July, were turned over dozens of cars were turned over (includes heavy, torn power lines), roofs ripped off houses and buildings, news agencies reported.  14 people were wounded, one of the injured died in hospital from his injuries.
According to eyewitnesses, the tornado was so strong that overturned three 40-ton trucks, destroyed dozens of stalls, felled trees. Some partially destroyed houses balconies, streets visible flown apart of the air conditioners. 300 cars could not be reversed. At the same time, a tornado was not disrupted the work of the advertising “Prismatron” constructions
Konstantin Stepanov, the owner of the advertising agency «Zig-Zag» said  «For 13 minutes, which hosted a tornado in Blagoveshchensk, we did not have time, and just could not disable the “Prismatron” construction as required by the instruction. What it was our joy to find them whole, intact and working!"