Prismatron: started the production of "intelligent" dynamic constructions.

The mass production of systems with intelligent drive “INTELLECT” that is the first dynamic systems of self-diagnosis dynamic constructions in the world was launched in September.
The “INTELLECT” is used for continuously diagnoses of the “Prismatron” construction and that allows identifying the problem on the stage of its occurrence. In some cases, visually identification of the problem with the dynamic advertising vehicle is impossible, because the construction continues to work in the usual mode. In this situation, “INTELLECT” warns about the future stop of an advertisement that allows carrying out appropriate services in advance. Another advantage of the system “INTELLECT” is a tool for remote monitoring of the work quality of their subordinates.
“In practice, we are regularly confronted with the fact that the failure of simple instructions for construction’s exploitation and its maintenance that is often the sole cause of breakdowns dynamic advertisements, - says CEO of GC" Prismatron" Vladimir Plotkin – the application of “INTELLECT” system in management is possible to remotely monitor the performance of their technical expertise. "