Prismatron: geometry of modern advertising

The “Prismatron” company presented the pilot version of new products on eN.Terior eX.Terior product lines.
The latest engineering design team of specialists, innovative technology and motion algorithms are applied for all products on new product lines eN.Terior (line interior advertising media) and eX.Terior (ooh-line carriers bulk forms) uses
Dynamic trends allow numerous clients of the “Prismatron” company to expand the boundaries of their activity in outdoor advertising and to create new standards for indoor advertising. The Pilot product of the line “ eN.Terior: eN.Joker” that is a compact, modern interior advertising constriction with  an advertising plane broken into segments , which are  shuffled, moved from one face to the other and formed in the following picture. Three advertising fields have 6 advertising images. “eN.Four” is a sided interior advertising media with two dynamic parties. “eN.Light” is the effective and easy-to-use interior advertising media.
The product of the line eX.Terior: eX.Tower is the dynamic modification of the outdoor advertising bollards "Pillar» added aesthetic appearance, proven effectiveness and novelty that provide eX.Tower success. “eX.Bank” is the bigger dynamic copy of cylindrical package that provides new opportunities: you can "go around" the corner of the building, save its architectural features, or place a transition between two flat surfaces of the front of a construction.