Prismatron: business card’s length is 19m.

The longest dynamic advertising construction “Prismatron” was installed and put into in Omsk (Russia). Its length is 19.25 m.
It's no a secret that modern and stylish signboard becomes the hallmark of the office building, shopping or entertainment center, and increases brand awareness. It often depends on her commercial success of the enterprise.
In 2000, the group of companies "Prismatron" that was the first in Russia introduced a new idea - the dynamic advertising units which could be used  as a signboard at shopping centers in Moscow (before this time only the form of billboards were used). An interesting fact is that the facades of the buildings were specially designed for the dynamic “Prismatron” constructions as an important element of advertising. Over the past six years, the company with its partners (advertising agencies) implemented a great number of similar projects around Russia and abroad.
This summer the Omsk shop "Siberian Hunt" became the owner of the longest dynamic ”Prismatron” construction in Russia.