Prismatron – Benefits

Advantages for advertising agency:


The «Prismatron» constructions allow increasing an income from one advertising place in 3 times compared to a standard billboard.

Thus, the problem of a lack of advertising space can be solved.

Advantages for advertising agency:

  • a threetimescost’sreduction of obtaining the slot,
  • a triple increase of profits from one advertising space.

The greatest length of the «Prismatron» constriction is 50 meters in Russia.

The “Prismatron” constructions are:

  • More reliable and easier to install and operate compared to scrollers.
  • Cheaper scrollers and electronic screens,
  • Absolutely all sizes and configurations can be available.

It is easier to sale three images than five, six or more.


- The “Prismatron” construction definitely attracts attention of potential customers to advertisement announsments.

By the contrast, the main disadvantage of the static billboard is its merging with the landscape that is ineffective.

The “Prismatron” constructions attract and keep attention of the potential customers more effectively by the dynamic changes of advertising images. Finally, the advertisement is efficient from the first to subsequent contacts.

According to the research of Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), advertising effect of a poster placed on one side of a three-position prism dynamic advertising installation 4,3 times greater than an effect of a poster placed on a static billboard.


- The “Prismatron” constructions provide contact between potential customers and all advertising messages placed on them.

Five or more advertising announcements are placed on scrollers or electronic screens.

Consequently, a minimum two times more time compared to the “Prismatron” is required in order to provide the proper contact to all messages.

However, the target audience do not have this time, thus the part of the advertising messages on scrollers or electronic screens would remain unnoticed.


Benefits for City:

  • Three times less interference in the urban design
  • Aestheticsofthe «Prismatron» construction
  • The element of the game interaction (next picture is unpredictable)


The “Prismatron” construction can be concerned as a basis method of visual communication in social advertising (Link to”The “Prismatron” application as the main subject of social advertising”).

According to all information above:

the “Prismatron” construction is the perfect solution for outdoor advertising.