Kurchatov is the 236th city on the “Prismatron” sales map

The first working day of 2017 was marked by a festive event for the group of companies "Prismatron":

The “Prismatron-light” construction - Olympic champion

Group of companies "Prismatron" set a new record by completing the largest construction of the “Prismatron-Light” (size 6mx10m) in Sochi (Russia) in April 2016.

Armenia: "Why" Prismatron"? Because it is relaible! "

The assembling of the “Prismatron” construction was completed in the capital of Armenia - Yerevan.

The 235th “Prismatron” sales office on the map.

By the begging of 2015 the company had 232 sales offices all around Russia.

The “Prismatron” company has an anniversary of 15 years!

The Group of companies “Prismatron” celebrated its 15th anniversary on 9th September 2014.

The “Prismatron light” - how is the replacement of the image done?

In connection to the incoming requests on response to our publication dated May 27 – the "Prismatron light" is the technology reducing advertising agencies spending "on how to actually carry out the replacement of the image at these facilities.