Prismatron storms "premium" segment!

The central streets of the city are the most desirable places for all advertising agency. Advertisers are willing to pay good money for placing their advertising messages here.
Obviously, the level of profit of advertising agencies is significantly higher in these areas. But access to this kind of "premium" segment is very limited!
The main obstacle is an approval of these places in the historical part with city administration. The Access to the markets is almost impossible task for many agencies. .
Specialists of the advertising agency «NOS» (Vladikavkaz) have demonstrated a non-standard solution to this problem. The «Prismatron» construction in original format - (size 4m x 2 m) allowed to successfully overcome the obstacles of administrative restrictions and the lack of space. As a result this agency, as a premium company, got 6 time more profit, and got access to the great number of orders for the long time.
How to get the access to premium segment:  -enter pass code: «PRISMATRON»