Prismatron: a new generation of advertising “Blackcrystal” on the "Advertising 2008" exhibition.

The idea of the exhibition "New Territories of profit for advertising agencies" was interpreted by the group of companies "Prismatron" by presentation of the new products and images on them.
A new generation of advertising media Blackcrystal (Roller City, prizmatrons-sti and city lights) was especially interested by professionals on the advertising market. Attention drew to the style execution of advertising: a single design, thin box, door frames and framing without support, converting each of the advertising media Blackcrystal series with monolithic block of solid glass.  Also the GC "Prismatron" presented the “Prismatron” construction (size 2,7m x 3,7m) equipped with a revolutionary system “INTELLECT” that is the first world self-diagnosis system of the advertisement. This construction was sold out to the Penza advertising agency on the exhibition. All "Prismatron” products were originally designed under the "new areas of profit" for advertising agencies by placement in  hiking, parks of cities, business centers, historical urban areas. The stand design and images on advertising mediums were allowed visitors to experience the atmosphere of new profitable areas of the city.