Prismatron: Tashkent

Group of companies "Prismatron" took part in the preparation of festive decoration of Tashkent on the eve of "a new day". It is translated from the Farsi name of festival “Navruz” that is the day of the vernal equinox, which marks the arrival of spring and awakening of nature.

Tower: winner of the "Advertising Design Russia 2007"

The three-way dynamic stand “Tower (pictured - left)” was awarded a diploma for its innovative visual design in the category of outdoor advertasing at the 15th international exhibition "Advertising-2007".

Prismatron: “Advertising – 2007”

The group of companies “prismatron” took part in The15th Internation Exhibition “Advertasing-2007”.

Prismatron: October STRIKE

The non-standard project of interior design for bowling - center (Oktyabrsky city, Russia) was completed.

Prismatron: the 175th city on the map

The capital of Armenia became the 175th city on the sales map of the “Prismatron” company in May.

Prismatron: new city formats.

Without regard for the metropolitan trends, the regional Russian centers independently develop the concept of urban development of outdoor advertising and its implementation.