Prismatron: European recognition

Group of companies "Prismatron" has been actively supplying constructions into the countries of the European Union for several years.

210th city of Prismatron

Several “Prismatron” constructions were put into operation in a new city- Zelenograd in April 2010.

Prismatron: The biggest outside Moscow dynamic installation erected in Omsk!

The biggest in Russia outside Moscow "Prismatron" construction was assembled by the group of companies “Prismatron” in their homeland – in Omsk.

Prismatron: a new generation of advertising “Blackcrystal” on the "Advertising 2008" exhibition.

The idea of the exhibition "New Territories of profit for advertising agencies" was interpreted by the group of companies "Prismatron" by presentation of the new products and images on them.

Prismatron: started the production of "intelligent" dynamic constructions.

The mass production of systems with intelligent drive “INTELLECT” that is the first dynamic systems of self-diagnosis dynamic constructions in the world was launched in September.

First Prismatron on the Rublevka.

The installation of the first constructions "Prismatron" was completed on the Rublevka.
Rublevka is the most elite suburb of Moscow that built with luxurious villas and cottage villages residences of senior government officials.