The “Prismatron light” - how is the replacement of the image done?

In connection to the incoming requests on response to our publication dated May 27 – the "Prismatron light" is the technology reducing advertising agencies spending "on how to actually carry out the replacement of the image at these facilities.

The “Prismatron-light” – the technology costs reduction for advertising agencies!

“Prismatron Light” is a promotional “prismatron” constriction with plastic guides on the edges of the prism, which is set in the advertising image.

Revda is the 232 th “Prismatron” sales office on the map.

The first “Prismanton” construction was installed in Revda (Sverdlovsk region.) in mid January 2014.  

"Prismatron" - "Euro-city" congratulated Chelyabinsk citizens with Happy New Year.

"Prismatron" - "Euro-city" continues to be supported on the central streets of Russian cities.
New Year's Eve, another batch of the “Prismatron” constructions had been mounted in Chelyabinsk by- GC "Armada Outdoor."

The “Prismatron”is Fresa Española (Strawberries in Spanish)

Such advertising setup message content has not been seen!

The Prismatron: "Eurocity" instead of rollers

Group of companies "Prismatron presents the “Eurocity” construction as an alternative for the usage of moody skaters (city billboards). It is the "Prismatron -W" construction with wide prisms (the size of the information field is 2,7m x 3,7 m. Nowadays, the demand "EuroCity" is huge.