The advanced technologies in the field of mechanics and electronics allow producing the reliable and easy-maintainable dynamic advertising constructions.

призматрон This technology provides an opportunity to produce large format media with unlimited size of the advertising field.
магистрльный щит The drive which is not required the kinematic adjustment and configuration.
билборд The Hexagonal shaft eliminates the necessity of additional fixation of drive components and simplifies assembly and prevention of systems.
биллборд The prism’s turning unit reduces the friction and the load on the drive.
рекламоноситель Vibration-damping material, which is used for bottoms of prisms, eliminates the noise level and vibration during prism’s rotating.
рекламная установка The drive protection system against overload provides the work stability and protects from damages.
наружная реклама The prism’s position control system provides the flatness of an advertising field.
призматрон The decoration elements fix system allows mounting and dismounting of casing without any tools.
призматрон The Technology of drives separation ensures the stability of the long form constructions and increases the usage of units that are specifically loaded.
призматрон The amortization system used in the “Prismamobil” (an analogue transport satellites cushioning systems) reduces the vibration load on the advertising media.